Thursday, March 3, 2016

Coding with Bee-Bots

Students in PK, JK and SK have been exploring the world of coding.  Using programmable robots called "Bee-Bots",  the children are enjoying the challenge of programming the robots and watching them move ... or not!!  Check out the video ...

Coding with Bee-Bots

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Grade 5 Creates a Design Solution!

In our last blog, we shared the fun our students experience when building with the Imagination Playground materials. One thing that we soon discovered, though, was that we needed to design a consistent, organized manner in which to store the materials when putting them away.  Trying to fit all the pieces on the shelves so that they would fit comfortably, and would be protected from rain, wind, etc., was challenging.

Enter the Grade 5 Design Team:

The girls worked together to brainstorm and design a delightful arrangement of the unusual pieces! 

First, they measured and inventoried
the pieces, made sketches of their
ideas, and then set out to bring their
sketches to life by duplicating the
design on the shelves with the actual
playground pieces.

Then came the next challenge: how to clearly indicate where each piece fit on or under the shelves, making it easy enough for even the preschool students to manage putting things away easily ....

Using photos of some of our youngest
students posing with examples of each of the playground materials, the girls created signs to place on the shelf walls to indicate the location of each piece. Big shout out to the students in PKRuiz and to Constanza in JKErb, for being our photo models! The girls also learned how to use a laminating machine and a staple gun, as they prepared each sign for display in the playground.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Latest News in the Jr. FabLab!!

Latest News in the Jr. FabLab!!

Students in PK-Grade 3 have been enjoying the newest addition to our Jr. FabLab: Imagination Playground!! The pieces are lightweight and weatherproof, and encourage open-ended, child-directed play.  The children have built cities, rocket ships, furniture, churches, gyms, amusement parks ... and much more as they work and play together using these innovative materials.

Have a look ...

Friday, October 16, 2015

What is Jr. FabLab?

What is Jr. FabLab?  

Jr. FabLab is a place where our youngest SSEDS children gather to build, play and share.

Children in PK through Grade 2 enjoy the variety of building materials and playing experiences offered in our Jr. FabLab.    

LEGOs, foam and wooden blocks, a sand table, and ramp construction materials are but a few of the many materials that are available to the children.  Click on the link below to see the children in action!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wendell's Robots - Grade 4

Grade 4 students are enjoying our FabLab unit on making robots out of recycled materials. They are creating these robots in the manner of the main character in the book, "Wendell, the World's Worst Wizard". Wendell does not have any magical powers like the other wizards, but he loves to make things - especially robots!! Wendell gets his materials and supplies for the robots by visiting the DUMP, so we created a classroom DUMP, full of recycled materials. Makes for an easy in-class field trip!!

For more photos, watch our Animoto:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grade 3 - CD Tops

Grade 3 students enjoyed creating their own spinning tops from recycled CDs, water bottle lids, and marbles.  Optical illusion, balance, friction, left-handed vs. right-handed spinning, timed spinning duration and other variables were explored.  Check out the Animoto link below!